Meet Our Team


  • Javier A. Centonzio, JD, LLM, Community Representative
  • Elamin (Amin) M. Elamin, MD, Chief of Staff, BPVAHCS
  • Julius Kehinde, PhD, RN, Chief Nurse Research and Evidence Based Practice, BPVAHCS
  • Paul Russo, MHSA, FACHE, RD, Director/CEO, BPVAHCS
  • Richard J. Spayde, Jr., CRPC, Community Representative
    • Board Treasurer
  • Kimberly Cao MD, Associate Chief of Staff/Education, BPVAHCS
  • Jennifer Webb, Community Representative
    • Board Secretary
  • Allison E. Williams, ND, PhD, RN, Associate Chief of Staff/Research and Development, BPVAHCS
    • Board Chairperson


  • Caitlin Mahaney, Executive Director


  • Mariah Alexis, Clinical Research Coordinator 1
  • James Blankenship, IRB Administrator
  • Camille Compton, Clinical Research Coordinator 1
  • Sarah Crim, Clinical Research Coordinator 1
  • Chayla Lee, Clinical Research Coordinator 1
  • Catherine Maffei, Research Accountant Specialist
  • Hayley Maither, Clinical Research Coordinator 2
  • Anna Rosenblatt, Clinical Research Coordinator 3
  • Kameron Wheelock, Clinical Research Coordinator 1
  • Cortny Withee, Clinical Research Coordinator 2